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Center For Recovery, Inc., Treatment Facility  in Denver
Adolescent Substance Abuse Group
Host: Center For Recovery, Inc.
"Adolescent drug/alcohol treatment program. Small groups meet 3 times a week at our SE Denver office for 12 weeks. We are contracted with most insurance companies and are licensed by the State of Colorado for treatment of minors. We specialize in ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80224
(303) 578-3528
Stephen Brunston  in Denver
Psychotherapy Support Group
Host: Stephen Brunston, MA
"Willing to really challenge yourself? This is a creative, process oriented group. Members bring their concerns and patterns to the group where we engage in supportive experimentation with each member as they are willing. "
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80211
(720) 408-2454
Yolanda Barrera, Psychologist  in Denver
Padres:Disciplina Positiva/Spanish Parenting
Host: Yolanda Barrera, PsyD, LP
"8-Weeks Spanish or English parenting skills training in 1.5 hrs-Weekly modules. Curso para Padres de 8 clases en el que pueden aprender METODOS NOVEDOSOS Y EFECTIVOS para educar MEJOR A sus hijos. Aprenda como disminuir/eliminar el comportamiento inapropiado e irrespetuoso de ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80224
(303) 720-7867
Inga Karen Larson, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Denver
Supervision for LCSW & LPC Candidates
Host: Inga Karen Larson, LCSW, RMT
"As an LCSW with over ten years of experience, and as a supervisor for the Affordable Counseling Program at People House, I'm interested in working with those on the path towards earning their licensure. Please contact me to see if ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80206
(303) 900-7142
Jeff Peterson (Formerly Jeff Lubsen), Counselor  in Denver
Men-Interested-In-Men: Married/Straight, Bi, Other
Host: Jeff Peterson (Formerly Jeff Lubsen), MS, NCC, LPCC
"Are you a married or once-married man who is in the process of coming out or thinks they might be gay? Perhaps you have never been married, but have recognized an attraction towards the same sex. This group is for ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80204
(303) 569-4551
Susan Reyland, Psychologist  in Denver
LODO Healing Center
Host: Susan Reyland, PhD
"The LoDo Healing Center is a collective of highly trained professionals. We are committed to providing services that meet our individual professions' highest standards because these standards are aligned with ensuring you receive the best care and outcomes. "
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80202
(303) 500-3916
Karen Moreau, Counselor  in Denver
Level II Education and Level II Therapy
Host: Karen Moreau, PhD, LPC, CAC, III
"$5.00 OFF YOUR FIRST GROUP WHEN YOU TELL US YOU FOUND US ON PSYCHOLOGY TODAY'S WEBSITE. ATOPS IS ALSO A MEDICAID PROVIDER Addiction Treatment Outpatient Services is a premier alcohol and drug treatment agency licensed by state of Colorado to fulfill ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80209
(303) 578-9980
Kathy Aguirre, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Denver
Women's Therapy Group
Host: Kathy Aguirre, MSW, LCSW
"An ongoing, weekly therapy group. This group is designed for women who have had some prior or concurrent therapy experience, who are looking for community among like-minded women, and who work hard on their personal growth ~ both in and ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80230
(303) 366-1111
Diane Renz, Counselor  in Denver
Healing Beyond Anxiety™: Body as Ally
Host: Diane Renz, MA, LPC
"Healing Beyond Anxiety(tm): Body as Ally Learning to Return, Remember, and Re-inform(tm) our bodies and our lives, for anyone working with stress: A 6-Week local in person Workshop, offered in online webinar and weekend formats as well, dedicated to developing ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 317-5170
Erin Jacklin, Psychologist  in Denver
Postpartum Support Group
Host: Erin Jacklin, PsyD, LCP
"Weekly drop-in support group for new moms. We meet weekly, though times vary, so call to find out when we are meeting next. "
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80209
(720) 675-7123
Alyson L Hatten, Counselor  in Denver
Blossoming Buddies
Host: Alyson L Hatten, MS, LPC, CRC
"Experiential social skills group for children ages 4-7. In this group, children learn about social norms for their developmental level through play and activity-based psycho-education. Furthermore, they are provided in vivo practice initiating and maintaining dialogue with peers, taking turns, ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80209
(303) 848-2353
Kathleen Ann DeHerrera, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in Denver
Life Ehancement
Host: Kathleen Ann DeHerrera, MA, CACIII, LAC
"Exploring strategies to enhance your life, using Mindfulness techniques. Reduce anxiety, depression and struggles with unhealthy negative thought patterns. Group focuses on identifying ways in which we " ruminate," staying stuck:in self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. We use various techniques, such ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 747-6808
Barbara E Olsen, Counselor  in Denver
Partners of Sex or Pornography Addicts
Host: Barbara E Olsen, MACC, MSEd, CSAT-Ca
"Process group for the partners (spouses, life partners, and significant others) who have been impacted by the devastation caused by being in a relationship with a sex or pornography addict. Focus will be upon healing and developing skills to cope ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Pennsylvania 17517
(717) 639-2114
Alicia Patterson, Counselor  in Denver
Yin Yoga
Host: Alicia Patterson, MA
"Yin Yoga (read more here if you're interested ). Yin Yoga is a slower practice, aimed at getting into the tissues and ligaments that surround muscles to keep joints healthy, rather than building muscle and power. The class includes ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80220
(720) 897-5205
Linda C. Hsieh, Counselor  in Denver
Dream Group
Host: Linda C. Hsieh, MA, LPC
"The Dream Group looks at how our dreams give us information about what is going on in our daily lives and beneath the surface. Each group will begin with a check-in followed by 1 or 2 people sharing their dream(s) ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 466-7986
MindBodyHealth LLC, Psychologist  in Denver
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Host: MindBodyHealth LLC
"Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a well researched, skills based group that has proven effective for eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and self-injury. The 20 week group focuses on teaching each of the 5 core skills for 4 consecutive weeks. Core ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 358-0871
Lisa Adam, Counselor  in Denver
Trauma & PTSD Support Group
Host: Lisa Adam, MA, CRC
"This is a group where individuals who have experienced trauma or are experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder can come for support and learn coping skills to increase quality of life. Topics of discussion may include: -Education on the body's reaction to ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 324-6641
Kristin N Gearhart, Counselor  in Denver
Women's DBT Group
Host: Kristin N Gearhart, MA, LPC
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80203
(303) 500-1004
Suzann Panek Robins,   in Denver
Near death, past life, or kundalini experiences
Host: Suzann Panek Robins, MA, CHt
"People who have had a spiritual or exceptionally transformative experience are often left longing for others who understand what has happened. We will come together, in guided discussion, to share the depth of our experience and learn strategies that can ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80221
(303) 502-5632
Julie Gladnick, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Denver
Fertility & Loss Group
Host: Julie Gladnick, MA, LMFT
"Join Licensed Marriage & Therapist, Julie Gladnick, in exploring the challenges, hardships, grief, and overwhelm associated with fertility difficulties and pregnancy losses. In this supportive process group, join other women in exploring a side of motherhood that is not often ..."
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80206
(720) 457-0407

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